Home Renovations in Westchester

Thinking of renovating your home in Westchester?

JCI Construction can walk you through from budding idea to successful completion

Our process takes the guesswork out and guarantees that you end up with the results you envisioned – or better.

We’ve completed numerous renovations (and numerous new home builds), and understand in minute detail exactly what it will take to complete the renovation you’re dreaming of. Check out a few of our renovations at our gallery here.

Unlike many companies, we guarantee that our job will come in on budget, and we guarantee it will be done right. Will we be the cheapest option? No. But we will be the best, and you’ll know every penny of the cost going into the job. No surprises. That is unless you decide mid-stream that you want something more. In that case, we’ll give you the same no-B.S. estimate we did at the start.

If you’re thinking about a renovation, give us a call or contact us via our form, and we’ll get back in touch. No obligation.